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  Sneak Peek: More Bouapha 07:17 PM -- Thu December 13, 2007  

More clues as to where, when, what, and why of Bouapha's next adventure? These are some things I've created for the first 'scene' of the game. What I want to do is make it sort of cinematic, without doing cinematics. When you get close enough to the gentleman pictured here, there will be an in-game cartoon bubble conversation, which is where you learn what the situation is. It's something quite serious, for which Bouapha has been called in to help, since he is of course the only one who can. So I am trying to integrate the storytelling right into the game. It'll be really cool if I have it go on while you are playing, like in Half-Life (coincidence that I have been playing Half-Life 2 the past couple of days?), but that is much more complicated. I'd have to worry about where you are standing and stuff like that (and have people say "Hey, get back here, I'm still talking!"). If I just pop up cartoon bubbles that you need to click through, it'll be a lot simpler.

I had fun making these, because I actually referenced real pictures (and then strayed very far from them, of course). I'm trying to create a real world here, not a realistic one, but something cohesive. I think I'm putting too much time into a game again... and I so wanted this to be a quick one!
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