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  I CAN HAS PELLIES! 05:48 PM -- Mon December 31, 2007  

Editor's note: I am embarrassed to be writing this, since this journal is syndicated at the Ludum Dare contest site, but hey, I gotta share it with you! So if you are reading this at LD, ignore it.

I won first place overall in LD48 #10! I actually did much better than I expected (and I question whether my entry was better overall than several others). Here are all the pellies I earned (for complex and forgotten historical reasons, the awards in LD are called Pellies):

1st Place - Overall
1st Place - Fun
1st Place - Polish
1st Place - Food (photos of the food you ate during contest)
2nd Place - Effort
2nd Place - Journal (how well you documented the development)
3rd Place - Theme (how well you used the theme, "Chain Reaction")
(and no pellies for these categories)
4th Place - Humor
6th Place - Graphics
10th Place - Audio (aww, after everybody said they loved the death scream?)
11th Place - Innovation (okay, it was pretty unoriginal)
13th Place - Technical (not exactly rocket science)

I'm surprised I did so well in Theme. I did the basic and obvious chain explosions. Other people did interesting things with the theme! My low placement in audio despite obviously wondrous sounds was DrPetter's fault. His program SFXr made everybody have equally great sound, so to try to do well there, I really needed to do something unique rather than just use a bunch of sounds from SFXr. The best ones were people who played their own background music on guitar or perhaps tuba. Then again, maybe just having background music would've helped...

All in all, it's probably my best showing ever in an LD contest, and I didn't expect that at all. But I'll take it! If you want to see the journal and food pictures that got me there, witness this link. Having a food contest made it a lot of fun, and not so intensely focused on the work, which is nice. Another cool thing was (as you can see at that link) the ability to award random trophies of any type you wish to any participant. Lots of those got handed out all around. I even got cake, twice. And if you consider a picture of cake as opposed to actual cake to be untruthful, then it was a lie both times.

To see the full contest results, click here. Congratulations to all the winners, including my personal favorites which should've beaten me in Overall: Lexaloffle's "Mr. Splode", GirlFlash's game I don't remember the name of but I can't stop seeing the award she got in my head: "I has power cables nom nom", and XMunkki's amazing "super advanced tech that actually includes really good/original gameplay". There were several others that really amazed me, but those three stick out in my mind immediately. Check out the full list, a lot of great stuff there. Profanity warning: several of the great ones have a lot of it. I find that very amusing, but I need to warn you, since it's not appropriate here (if you want to see entries without it, avoid Mrfun and Girlflash!). I can't recall there being any particular gore this time around, though, which is rare.

And no, I still haven't gotten Short Fuse ready to go up on the site officially... there are some tweaks I'd like to do, but it's so vacationy around here, I'm not doing much. I really should just pack it up as originally done, since I just don't have the inclination to make any really interesting changes. Guess we'll see... sometime! In the meantime, it is still available in a zip file via my journal/food link above. Happy New Year!
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