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  Sneak Peek: New Website 09:04 PM -- Mon August 13, 2007  

This screen is probably making you scroll horizontally, but that's what you get! Also, you can't find where the edges of it are, since it's the same color as this site. Haha!

As you can see, it's The Avatar Lab. You purchase avatar parts with Yerfbucks, and then you can stack up to 5 parts into your final avatar image. You can horizontally flip them via the FLIP buttons here, and adjust their position with the X and Y boxes. The sunglasses were originally made to go on a Squash avatar, so I had to flip them and adjust their position to fit this lady. There's handy instructions that pop up when you put the cursor on any of those buttons. I might have to up it to more than 5 parts. Won't be any trouble to do so. Since it takes 3 parts to build your person (head, body, pants) most of the time, that doesn't leave much room for accessories.

I know this is a pretty odd avatar I currently have. I just started cranking out a bunch of parts one day, and this is some of them.
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