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  Bashing Happily, Everyday 02:16 AM -- Tue September 16, 2008  

I don't have anything I can report to you at this juncture as far as work getting done, but I wanted to post just to assuage any potential concerns. I know sometimes things get a wee touch lazy around here, but that is not the case at the moment! Much is occurring, progress is being made, gameplay is coming together, and whatever. Nothing tangible I can describe, but progress, rest assured.

I have also started many millions of new characters in WoW. I erased all of my horde guys (and cleverly sold off their goods and worked with my friend to transfer the money over to my allies!), and now on Ravencrest I have a full complement of 9 characters, one of every class. The tenth slot is, of course, holding out for my upcoming death knight. I also have every race (both genders of each, once the death knight - female gnome, of course - joins), and every profession (multiple times). Now my friend and I have started to create hordies on a different server (Caelstratz or something like that, in the Oceanic set). I've only got one so far, but it seems inevitable that one day there will be 10 over there too.

And one last WoW note: if you do play WoW and are on Ravencrest, or wish to be (start fresh, I just started a bunch of new ones!), look for Hamumu (at last, I have one with that name!), Decapitatrix, Flambe, or Necrognomico online and whisper them to join our guild! Let's Hamumu it up. The guild is lamely named BR00D (those are zeroes... sigh), because it was one that some guy just gave to me at some point. I didn't mind not having to collect signatures!
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