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  Bacon Helps Everything! 05:26 PM -- Thu September 18, 2008  

At PAX, somebody was going around handing out free samples of Bacon Salt. It is, as the name implies, salt that tastes like bacon (and it's vegan, low-sodium, and kosher!). Their theory was that everything tastes better with bacon. I finally managed to use some the other day, putting it on my corn on the cob. It didn't make it taste better. It was okay. I would've been much happier with normal salt.

And therein lies the problem with Bacon Salt. Try, just try, to think of something that you would like to put bacon on, that you also want salt on. Hmm, maybe scrambled eggs... I don't think so though. I don't want them to taste like bacon, I want bacon to interact with them in a physical way, with crispy deliciousness. Can't put Bacon Salt on a burger (we have fake bacon for that!), because you don't want a salted burger. Not on a salad either. I just can't think of a time when I want an overall flavor of bacon, along with salt, spread over my food. In every case, bacon or bacon bits is a greatly superior choice.

So whilst I admire the humorous notion of creating a substance that makes everything taste like bacon, I am fairly well convinced that there is no actual useful niche for such a product in my life. Perhaps your life differs. Discuss.

Still... I might have to try scrambled eggs.
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