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  Vacation! 05:04 PM -- Tue January 29, 2008  

Or not. I'm taking a week off from development, but I'm spending it (well, mostly playing WoW, but when I'm not playing...) working on website stuff and other issues. The things I totally neglect 90% of the time. Got to keep up with all the things that need work! Look for My Downloads to finally come to life this week, along with a Sleepless Hollow patch, new avatar bits, and other little things. I also added some new categories to T.A.G. this morning, so hopefully it will stop repeating the same ones (there are actually several that it's just refused to ever pick). I need to add DumbWords questions too, sadly. That's hard. Anyway, lots of stuff to do.

Oh, and I got called for jury duty next month. Augh! HATE! The worst part of all is that the court is 2 hours away. I'm going to ask them if there is a closer court I can use. In the past, we've both had jury duty, and got through it doing nothing other than calling into an automated system each night for a week. The system tells you if you need to show up tomorrow, and if you don't get called in for the whole week, you are free. That's how it went in the past. But I have a bad feeling this time...
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