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  P.S. 06:30 PM -- Fri March 14, 2008  

I forgot to add a way to make money... I don't like that in Moon Invaders, the Mines reward you for performing badly (the longer you take to finish a level, the more money you make from mines). Well, I sort of like it, it creates a weird competing pressure, a reason not to be as powerful as possible. But anyway, I didn't want that here, so here is what I added:

Upgrades: flight speed, capacity, life
	Launches a Scrapbot.  If it's destroyed, another one is launched immediately.  Scrapbots go collect the wreckage of your enemies and haul them back to the Scrapper to be turned into Moonbucks.  This is the only way you make money, so having a reasonable supply of Scrappers is important.  Wreckage fades away if it's not collected for a long time, so you lose out on potential money if you don't have enough Scrappers.  You can upgrade the Scrapbot movement speed and how much wreckage it can carry.

Scraptanium – Scrapbots are invincible.  Scrappers, of course, are not.

Note I added a corresponding research option. I always like symmetry, and having a research option that applies to each building is nice (though one option covers two buildings instead, and there are two options that cover all buildings, but I like that too).

And I also wanted to add that you can see here that this isn't really an informative enough document to make a game. It's really just notes to help me remember that I had this idea at all. The various details only really exist because it's fun for me to make them up. But now, years in the future, I can dig this file up and read it and have a laugh. Or I can actually build it! Who knows?
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