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  Hot Or Not? 01:48 AM -- Tue March 18, 2008  

Well, now you can rate Add On Worlds! Since often times worlds have been put together in world packs, you'll just have to rate the packs as a whole (which is fair - the player has to download the pack as a whole). Be kind to your fellow builders if you ever want them to build you anything again. And if you don't, be kind anyway, because your rating will be deleted if it's rude!

It is of course Web Monday, so that's what happened, along with a few new bits of Fan Art getting uploaded at last. I guess it may not sound like much, but hey, there's a whole new(ish) website feature, right?

Since a couple weeks ago, it has been spring here. Flowers popped out all around, the trees started budding, and it was warm and awesome. This past week, I had the windows open most of the day, with lovely warmth flowing through.

Then it snowed Saturday night. A lot. Now it's freezing cold, though the sun is struggling to right the wrongs of the weekend. Truly, these are the end days. Dogs and cats, living together... it's mass hysteria!
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