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  Want Some Chevre? 08:56 PM -- Wed March 19, 2008  

Fun for me! My friend Brian (need wedding photography? briankinyon.com) got World of Warcraft, and we started new guys to play together from the beginning. It's super easy with 2 people working together, and it's fun! It has led to some staying up late as we struggle to coordinate a cross-continental schedule, but it is wowsomely fun to do.

And that is currently my problem - I'm definitely suffering the pain that so many many before have gone through with WoW taking over their lives. I've set the parental controls so I can't do it before 3 PM, but I'm still totally unproductive before 3PM. It's like it saps your will to function (much like the web does, which is where I spend most of the rest of my day). I don't actually think it's really WoW's fault, but it makes both a convenient scapegoat and a convenient outlet for the nonproductive urges that are currently crushing my success.

So like so many times before, it's time for a new productivity plan. Here's the one I'm trying now: I get points. I have these cool little colored chips that stack up, and it takes 18 of them to stack up on my desk to the height of a little side-wall my desk has, so I declare that it takes 18 points for me to be done working for the day and be free to do what I wish. I earn those points with various productive things, including chores as well as work (I haven't been cleaning this place up too much, either), and even some basic exercise things. The exercise stuff works doubly well - I'm motivated by the prospect of getting points as well as the fact that by doing it I can avoid working. So I should be very healthy soon! Of course, things like that and other little things are just one point, so they won't get my day done quickly. If instead I accomplish tasks for work, suddenly those points get burned through a lot more quickly!

We'll see how that goes. Seems like a good plan anyway. Working for yourself makes motivation really the biggest challenge.
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