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  Points #2 09:31 PM -- Fri March 21, 2008  

I'm making a note here of my huge success!

Points have driven me to finish up the last issues with the scrolling map in Happyponygate, so now it handles specials and prevents guys from respawning if they already exist (you can now drive the one existing car around, and discover that it's not waiting for you again when you return). Then with that done, nothing immediately came to mind to work on with that game, so I fired up Titan Tunnels! I got it set to import skills and charms from text files, which was a significant matter, especially when I completely deleted the entire contents of skills.cpp. There are now hundreds of errors when you try to compile, since the old hardcoded skills were referenced all throughout the code. So cleaning that up will be a big task. Anyway, got some chores done too. Huge success.

If only there were some cake.
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