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  Sneak Peek: Loonyland 3 05:19 PM -- Tue March 25, 2008  

Okay, first of all, I clearly don't have a remotely good system for getting drawn images into the computer, because this is real ugly. But here is the map I worked on recently:

If you are a true Loonyfan, you may recognize this place from the overall map of the continent of Loonyland. It is, as it says, Friendship Fields, which is the westernmost country in Loonyland. It is where the next Loonyland takes place (Titan Tunnels/Age Of Heroes/etc). The game itself will contain some form of this map (presumably much cleaner...), probably. You won't get to wander this land, rather you will select quests from the map, and be magically sent to that spot to do the quest. I'm thinking about having Phileas fly you there.

Making the map is really about throwing stuff on to get ideas of what sort of things there will be in the world, what will be there to move the plot along. Not much plot, of course, but a quest is in itself a little bit of a plot. I now have a grand idea for the overarching plot, by which I mean a real simple basic thing, but something big enough to be an ending anyway. The main consideration driving the whole thing (though you'll do all kinds of little quest series with their own mini-stories) is that the neighboring country, Summer Spring, is at war with Friendship Fields. I don't know why yet, but I think we can all rest assured that it's a really stupid reason. You can see on the map if you have good eyes the North War Camp and South War Camp at two of the bridges. Good place to hold the enemy off, tactically. Sadly, the middle bridge lacks a war camp, which makes no sense, but it means that I can have you visit that town and find it abandoned and destroyed. Maybe that's the start of the war, why not? You would think a place like Friendship Fields would be more friendly than this.

Also, if you are a true true Loonyfan, you may notice what's different about this map from the overall map. Don't forget - this game takes place long in the past. Wonder if it will be about that change?
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