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  April's Coming, Fools! 02:28 AM -- Sun March 30, 2008  

And just what are you going to do about it?

Here's one idea I am thinking about: Script Frenzy. It's like Nanowrimo, except you write a movie script. I checked out their explanation of the formatting and such of a script and it seemed fun and easy. The goal is to get 100 pages, which isn't all that much with the way movies are formatted. I want to give it a try. I've thought of about 20 ideas that appeal, but none that kick me in the teeth and call me Grandma.

Another thing I will definitely be doing is LD48 #11. Yes, time for another 48 hour game, to be sure.

Another thing I have in mind is to get all this garbage out of my sinuses and lungs, though I don't yet know a very efficient method for that. Kleenex doesn't seem to make a lot of progress.

I also hope to get somewhere on my game projects, but I can't imagine where exactly at the moment. This little "vacation" has been tiring.

Oh... yeah... and taxes. Great.
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