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  Adventures In Living 02:58 AM -- Wed July 9, 2008  

Life lately has been crazy. Our fridge failed this weekend. So today we did some fridge shopping (we have wanted a new one for a long time, so this seems better than getting it fixed - man, our old one was loud!)... and it won't be delivered for 2 weeks! So we are experimenting in life without refrigeration for a while. Buying the fridge was a challenge, since we live out in nowhere. One place was perfectly able to deliver to us (but only on wednesdays, and they had to worst choices in fridges), another would deliver to us but not into the actual house (because we are very capable of lifting a refrigerator up the stairs into our house?), and the third would do it all any day of the week (provided we wait 2 weeks for the fridge to be ordered first). We did the 3rd, simply because it was the best fridge. After we did that shopping, we went grocery shopping, and it was interesting trying to pick things that would keep us fed for a while, but didn't require refrigeration. We got a lot of thai noodle box things. It was hard to remember that we can still cook via our many modern devices. We just can't refrigerate. You know what I miss the most? Ice cold water. And now we can't have leftovers when we cook things! At least not much - we did fill a cooler with ice for some temporary semi-storage of things. And since our freezer was full of various frozen items, it's still pretty good for now. It's basically a cooler itself. Not much of an actual freezer anymore though.

That happened during the weekend, while Sol Hunt was away on a trip. So she was coming back monday night, and that too was an adventure. Her flight was set to get in at 9:30pm, and through more than one delay of various sorts, she ended up coming in at 1:30am instead. It was a very long night, since we live 2 hours from the airport. There's a whole adventure there in the fact that I went into town about 8 hours early (so I could eat lunch, since our fridgelessness really impaired the food options here) before discovering that it was actually 12 hours early, and I couldn't just hang out in town at midnight. And thus adventure ensued as I worked that out and broke into my parents' house (not really, exactly), and eventually did the job without falling entirely asleep on the road.

I guess that's only two major stories of woe, but man, it's just been nuts and weirdness. I want life to be normal living again. I can't settle down and do anything because we're constantly in the middle of stuff like that. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more relaxed. We don't have any catastrophes scheduled for then, but walk-ins are possible.
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