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  False Alarm 07:47 PM -- Mon July 14, 2008  

After experimenting on the now holy shirt, it has been determined that Kool-Aid is not at fault for the dissolving fibers... which leads us to a deeper mystery: how did I get sprayed with deadly acid while I was sitting at my computer? I suppose I may have gotten up to use the bathroom at some point in there, and probably gone to the kitchen too. But I don't remember being blasted with bleach or battery acid at any point. And it definitely happened that morning, since I saw the spots go from simple pink dots to gaping holes. By the way, I found several more holes elsewhere in pink spots. Very strange. And perhaps eternally a mystery.

Anyway, feel free to drink Kool-Aid. I still won't recommend it though, it's pretty nasty.

I'm neck-deep in extreme code chopping, which is why I'm writing this journal. I'm just really stuck where I am. I'm going to have to completely remove the existing monster system to put in the new one, and that's just a whole lot of work, and I'm not sure what all the problems are going to be. It's an ugly situation.

The new monster system is to implement monster editing, which will be tremendously delightful. You choose any of the existing sprites, colorize it like in Supreme, set the name, life, etc. But then it goes much further. You design up to 4 attacks for it to have, decide when it should use them (things like "happens when you get hit" or "use any time you have less than 25% life" or the most common "use randomly"), choose which animation they use, pick the bullets to fire, damage done, and so on.

So, I'm working on that. Or I was until I came here to type this to avoid working on that. This could be stuck for weeks with all the huge entanglements that need untangling. It wouldn't be bad at all if this were a new game from scratch, it's the act of trying to gut the heart of this living beast without actually killing it that causes traumedy. Well, without killing it beyond the possibility of casting Resurrect on it. I don't want to just raise a mindless zombie, though. I need a fully working Level 50 Dumb Game. So fingers are crossed on this epic journey I am undertaking. Let me continue to make metaphors so as to avoid actually working on it. It's a robot bear wearing a tutu. Okay, I better go pack up some CDs I need to ship, that also works for procrastination.
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