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  Bored? Games! 11:46 PM -- Tue July 29, 2008  

I'm gonna do a sneak peek tomorrow, as I am close to a good spot for one today, but will hold off until it's more complete. As always, I'm working on the monster editor. It's fun to use, tweaking the numbers and watching the guy zoom around accordingly (and you can make him do some serious zooming if you crank up the speeds).

Hamumu Software is going truly green! We are going to be so indie that we even generate our own electricity with which to make games. Solar panels are coming! Well, in the long view sense. We had a consultation last week with a guy who gave us the low down and an enormous amount of technical info. Just today I took some steps towards getting the necessary financing. It'll be probably a few months before construction begins, but it's definitely gonna happen, barring insane things like earthquakes. And we all know earthquakes don't happen!

Which reminds me, there was an earthquake today! It was maybe 80 miles away, and a magnitude 5.8. I felt it quite distinctly, though it felt more like I was just lightheaded and dizzy than actually quaked. My wife in town felt it a lot more severely. But even at the epicenter, a 5.8 is really not a big deal at all. Still, first one I've felt in a long while.

This weekend, my family held its official Summer BBQ, and we got to play a round of Arthouse. If you don't know, Arthouse is a party game I invented. Once again, it proved to be a huge blast of sheer joyous funpower. It always goes so incredibly well, and every time I play it (which is like once a year...), I think about how I really need to get it made into something I can sell. You guys would definitely want it, because it is the bestest ever. It's a game about drawing, only it requires no drawing skill of any kind - victory has more to do with how well you know the other players and how good you are at winning auctions (or making other players waste money in them). Anyway, I'm more serious than ever about getting some kind of sellable version of that in existence. It's just got to happen. It's very frustrating to have a completely finished, well-tested, universally beloved game and not be able to share it with anyone (or make a quick buck off of it, for that matter). Unfortunately, it's about 759x more difficult to sell a board/party/family game than it is a computer game. Can't just burn a CD for this thing!

And things are going well with hundredpushups, with Happyponygate, with our new fridge (yesterday was a massive shopping trip, that's for sure), and with WoW. Hooray for everything! Oh, and happy anniversary to Sol Hunt, I love you.
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