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  The Owls Have Risen 05:34 PM -- Tue August 12, 2008  

Rise Of The Owls is here! It's a freebie, and it's short, sweet, simple, and strategic! It actually is, I swear. You may find that it's easy to win, but can you get the top score? My record is only 570,000, but there are isolated reports of over two meeellion points!

As you may know, I on occasion take 48 hour games and make them into something more. Such is my plan for Rise Of The Owls. However, I'm releasing it as is - that's Rise Of The Owls. Rise Of The Owls 2 (The Risening? Owlectric Boogaloo?) is a whole different story.

This is the plan I am thinking of right now.
  • Step 1: Learn to program Actionscript (flash).
  • During Step 1: Make Rise Of The Owls 2 in flash.
  • Step 2: ??????
  • Step 3: Profit!
Perhaps I should add some details to step 2 to help clarify it. I want to make Rise 2 a flash game, which you need to be logged into your Dumb Account to play. You'll earn and unlock new heroes by getting trophies! And other hidden ways. It'll truly be integrated right into the site in that way.

Don't want to get your heroes the hard way? Lucky for you! There is also a downloadable Rise 2 which either gives you all the heroes right away, or maybe has you unlock them in simple in-game ways, like accomplishing simple goals like "Get 10 kills with Archie". That costs money.

So if you like free stuff, you can play the free version (good news from my end: to get all the heroes, you'll have to buy my other games! Can't earn all the trophies without owning some of the games, right?). If you like easy stuff, you can buy the pay version.

Such is my plan for Rise 2. I think it's good to be learning worthwhile skills like flash development instead of endlessly iterating over that same dead old codebase. I think I'm going to spend this week on some of that learning mumbo-jumbo and see at the end of the week if I think I'm better off continuing that full time until it's done, or getting back to HPG and considering flash something for my spare time. Tomorrow I'll blog about some of the features of Rise 2. It will be at heart the same thing you see here, same type of game for sure, but major key upgrades that make it all worthwhile.
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