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  Welcome To The Journal 09:51 PM -- Fri August 8, 2008  

We've got fun and games! Actually we don't at the moment. I have not blogged in quite some time. Next week, I will endeavor to fix that, but for now, I will just tell you that another fine LD48 contest is coming up this weekend, and I shall rip it to shreds with great panache by making something that makes WoW look like Atari 2600 Adventure. Or, I'll make Guess The Number. We'll see on Sunday.

The monster maker is done now, except for loading, saving, and testing (in any form). Loading & saving is nothing, I just haven't bothered since there's nothing worth loading or saving yet. That's because the testing is held up by the same thing everything else is - I need to make monsters actually function! Right now the guy in the tank can only walk in circles, no matter what kind of moves you give him. I need to implement the whole concept of the creature choosing and executing the various attacks. It's actually going to only take a couple of hours, but nonetheless it is what remains between me and functional adversaries.

As always with summer, it's been pushed around by other things, like helping the lady get her classroom set up, the occasional minute or two spent on WoW, preparations to embarrass myself at PAX, family, and general summeryness. It's pretty frustrating to have things moving along so slowly, but at least it feels like it is getting made. Someday it will be done, we just don't know when!
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