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  Bit o' Help, Everybody? 07:48 PM -- Mon September 22, 2008  

Hey, if you are a WoW subscriber, you could do something super handy to help me out! Log in to the Crazystreet server (it's in the Oceanic server set, and is actually named something like Caelstratz, but I don't know exactly what. You'll recognize it), with an undead character. If you don't have one, make one! Then come sign my guild charter! PM or email me to let me know when you can do this, so I can be online to provide it. I got 7 signatures so far, so I just need 3 more, and really only 2 if my friend that I always play with would ever log on! Note: If you are on a free trial, you can't sign guild charters, unfortunately. And if you're wondering, the reason I say you need to be undead is that my guildmaster is hanging out in the undead starting area. You could be something else, you'd just have to take a long trip (you do have to be on the Horde side, of course!).

And, most of all, if you would like to stick around on that server, you are welcome to stay in the guild once it forms. You can also delete the character you made as soon as it's formed too, if you want (or just quit the guild if you want to keep it). All up to you! The guild's called The Hamumu Clan, which is about time I had one with a name like that. My highest level character on that server is only 13, so we're taking it from the bottom and working our way up. Join the fun!

I recognize that this was entirely a WoW post, but I figured this would be a good way to get the signatures I need. I hate the signature-gathering, it's awful. I could totally see this would be what it's like to try to collect petition signatures in real life. All you can do is nag people, and it's no fun for you or them! But I met some cool people who sound like they'll stay in the clan, so it's good. Another activity it is similar to is pulling teeth. Your own.

So I will blog on something more related to Hamumudom tomorrow, but for now, if you can help me out, please do! And besides, it'd be cool to get The Hamumu Clan really going! Of course, on that note, don't forget I've also got a much more advanced Alliance guild already on the Ravencrest (US) server, which actually includes a grand total of one forumer besides myself! You are welcome to join that too.
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