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  Tomorrow is International Loonyland Day! 12:17 PM -- Thu May 30, 2024  

Loonyland is being reborn tomorrow, with amazing new Steam features and some updates and fixes. I think all known issues are fixed (like the sound problem you all know and love!). The non-Steam version is also receiving all these fixes. The Steam version has leaderboards (sorry, can only view those on Steam, not in-game), Achievements, and Steam Deck support. Plus the ability to give me your money!

Fun new stuff of note:
  • Add Randomizer mode (by AutomaticFrenzy)
  • Add Hard difficulty between Normal and Challenge (by AutomaticFrenzy)
  • Allow selecting character on the New Game screen (by Hyperme)
  • Increase save slots from 5 to 250 and show more information in the list
  • While Weapon Lock is on, weapon pickups pass through you, and you can use a new third control to grab them
  • Show invincible guys in aqua on the Radar and improve its accuracy on small maps
  • For quests that get "completed" before being turned in, indicate this status in the menu
  • Improve decoration on the first floor of Haunted Tower (by Jamul)
  • Fix difficult-to-access Gangrene in A Hidey Hole (by Jamul)
  • Fix Hardcore Mode not working correctly
  • Fix Witchcraft badge to award at level 9, matching the description, instead of level 10
  • Fix Vampire Slayin' badge description to say two minutes instead of one, matching award
  • Improve controller support
  • Add volume option

Regarding the newly decorated Haunted Tower, I found a lot of passageways that looked really boring when I was playing the game, and so I thought I'd just pop in and add some spice and details all around the map... until I actually tried to use the editor. This is definitely pre-Supreme editing days. Yikes. Sorry, I stopped at Haunted Tower 1.
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  Circular Reference Error 02:38 PM -- Mon April 29, 2024  

Don't you be thinking I'm not doing the work! I'm just not doing the blogging. In this game of 16 weapons, 8 heroes, 8 abilities, 8 main game modes (and a variant of each), I am now sitting comfortably at the stage of: 1 weapon left, and it's half-done already; 1 hero left; 1 ability left; and yeah... a lot of game modes to go. I got 4/8 done (with great need of tuning), and 2/8 of the variant modes.

Pictured above is Crownado mode, which you certainly don't recognize as being remotely similar to any previous Hamumu creation. I'm most of all pleased with the bosses in Crownado mode. I'm not going to spoil them here. There's a real improvement in these game modes as I move on and learn from the earlier ones (and add more features to my scripting language). The bosses are getting downright wacky.

I am playing as Scarecrow, who has some great melee buffs and a hat that functions like a Borderlands shield. I'm throwing those melee buffs out the window by using the Boomhauer, a dang ol' long-range homing missile launcher. I also have a pet named Boney, and I'm wearing the Scary Scarecrow costume, and those Fat Crows are trying to steal my corn!! Oh yeah, and I'm using an alternate crosshair, there are several to choose from.
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  Progresso Soup 04:35 PM -- Mon March 25, 2024  

I am accomplishing things! I just don't talk about it is all. Pictured is a new hero, new game mode, and new ability! Good luck figuring out what any of them are. That means I'm up to 7/8 heroes, and 7/8 abilities. That's sad, those are the most fun things to make. I'm not actually such a big fan of making game modes. I guess it fits my playing preferences too - I'll play a very limited game over and over a million times, if I can use different skills and weapons and strategies every time, but will be bored out of my mind playing a game with a million different areas and enemy types, if I only have a few skills and weapons to choose from.

Well, I guess I better get going and make another game mode. There are many to go. And there is one I am very excited about!
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  Just doing it 05:38 PM -- Tue February 6, 2024  

I know that if I wait until I feel like taking a cool screenshot, I'll never write another blog again. I'm just not a marketing dude, it seems.

Things have been bumbling forward in lovely fashion, though this remains the most ridiculous dev cycle ever. I keep resisting making more levels and monsters, so we still only have 2 real game modes to play (4 modes actually, but it's 2 variations of 2 modes). Instead, I've been cranking out the super keen heroes and weapons! It's what I like to make, what can I say? At this point, 6 of 8 characters are fully implemented, and 12 of 16 weapons, although I more and more feel like we need 24 weapons just because weapons are fun. But I'm going to resist the siren's call and just get these 16 done - if I need to add more, that can be a post-launch update! We also have 6 of 8 special abilities done, which give you a lot of fun variety. And there are more puns than you could ever count at this point, with ten times that number still to go.

I really like what we've got so far, it just feels like good solid fun. But it is really draining to think about how much is left, and how much of what's left is the stuff I don't want to do! Least of all recording my own voice, of which there are many many hours to go.
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