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  Still here! 05:32 PM -- Wed November 17, 2004  

I am still alive and still working! I've made a lot of progress on the Supreme patch. It's got a lot of new editor features to spice up levels with, although they're all pretty subtle - you'll really need to be a serious world builder to take advantage of what they offer. But if I'm right about them, they'll give you great new powers to make players suffer in new ways!

I'm also working on some website stuff. I've already (finally) automated the newsletter signup process, but I still have to add a way to actually send to the new automated list. I've also beefed up the ordering process (this is not online yet) to check orders more thoroughly before sending them to me, so that I can feel safe with part 2 of this process, which is at long last having automated downloads. So now when you order a game (on CD or download), you'll get a download link immediately, as well as your CD or emailed download link later. There's another problem with the ordering, which is that it rejects an order any time it encounters a special character (like accented letters), which is common with orders from foreign countries. I still don't know quite what I can do with that, but I'll try to come up with something! The drive behind getting these changes in was actually the fact that at the end of this month, we will be leaving for 2 weeks straight! So I want the orders to be handled automatically. I'll still be checking email, but I can only do that once a day or so, and it's a serious pain. CD orders during that time will be postponed until we get back. There will of course be a notice so nobody is surprised by that!

Why are we leaving for 2 weeks? Not for fun! I will now let you all know that my wife is going to be donating her kidney to her cousin at that time. Really! She's pretty amazing. Of course, once we get back, she's got another 5 weeks of recovery time where the doctor says she's not allowed to lift more than 10 pounds. So guess who gets to do everything around here?
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