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  Flyin' Free 09:58 PM -- Wed December 1, 2004  

For the first time ever, I've found a place where I can actually use wireless internet for free! It's so cool! I can just walk around our hotel room watching spams download! And it's fast too. This is the second hotel we've had on this trip, and the first one offered "high speed internet" via ethernet cable which was low-speed. This wireless stuff is moving right along, maybe faster than the DSL at home. Close anyway.

So that means here we are in a hotel after spending two nights in the hospital. Sol Hunt has given birth to a 1 pound bouncing baby kidney, and is currently recuperating here in the room. Everything went just great and she's already chipper and bouncy herself, in a dazed, nap-filled, plodding sort of way. So hooray! Both she and her cousin are recovering very well and it looks like it's ideal in every way, not that I enjoyed seeing her in pain.

Hmm, wrong yerfdog's up, but too bad, I can't fix it until next week. I am going to have a ton of CDs to ship out the day after I get home. I'm surprised so many people went ahead and ordered. There's a warning it gives to let you know the game won't ship until we get back, but I guess that didn't deter anyone.

I bought a pile of non-computer games while we were here, because there's a cool game store by the hospital (which you can reach by walking underground - half the city is connected by underground tunnels, because this is cold country). Last time we came I got Carcassonne which is highly recommended (whether geek or not, it'd be great for families), and this time I added an expansion for it, two Cheap Ass Games, and one called Chez Goth which looks interesting. Haven't even played two of those games yet, but I can definitely recommend Kill Doctor Lucky, it's sort of like Clue, only you're trying to commit the murder instead of solve it. I also of course wrote down ideas for 3 board/card games of my own. I tend to get inspired when I can't actually do work. That's about it. The End.
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