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  Happy birthday to me 11:34 PM -- Fri December 10, 2004  

So what's been going on? Well, we're back from the trip, and a large part of the initial return involved cleaning up the house and shipping tons of orders (felt good to ship that many in one day! Except for how horribly much work it was! If I ever succeed to the point were I'm selling 20 CDs a day, I'm really going to need to set up a better system for it). Now things are more over with and back to normal (good pile of orders still though, hooray!). I'll get back to some Supreme updating today, I've got several specific issues to work on there. Also, today Sol will pick the top 50 Winter Wackiness names, and I'll try to get the voting up ASAP. I'm going to make the voting period just a couple days... it's not life or death as to which names get picked! So I don't yet know the official WW schedule, but it should start soon. And the new Supreme patch should be out later this month with luck. That's what's going on.

I've also gotten obsessively into board games (as you may have heard) - and by the way, Chez Goth is not very good - and come up with about a dozen board/card/party game ideas that I really want to do something with. One of them is the fairly obvious choice, Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cards. Problem is, that's a whole lot of cards! It could easily be done as a collectible card game (like Pokemon or Magic: The Gathering), but I would feel like I was robbing people with the way those games work. Maybe it'd be a basic set and an expansion or two. There are over 200 monsters in Supreme, you know, and I'd like to have more than just monsters in the deck... but can you imagine a deck of over 250 cards? That's 5 normal decks tall! Try shuffling that. Well, there'd be savings with stuff like only having one Roly Poly, and stuff like that, but it'd still be well over 150 monsters.

In general though, I'd like to add non-computer games to the lineup, but I'll have to try out my designs and see if they're any fun first. Then I have to figure out how to get the components made and all! Kinda fun really. Speaking of what I see in the corner of my screen, I better change Yerfdog over, he's still eating leftovers from Thanksgiving. And I need to do a newsletter... gee whiz.
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