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  Ho Ho OW 06:42 PM -- Mon December 27, 2004  

Here's my Christmas story for you. I woke up early Christmas morning, excited to go see what was out in my stocking, so I pulled on my shirt... and fell on the floor gasping and yelling. It turns out that once you're older than dirt (30), shirts are something to be feared. They can strike without warning and grip you in their iron clutches, mercilessly tearing at your flesh and bones. So I spent my first old man Christmas laying on the couch and floor, with my back thrown out. From trying to pull on a shirt. It actually still hurts a lot today, and I can't turn my head all the way to the right, but on the 25th, it was unbelievable how painful it was. Really quite an experience. I decided it was teaching me that on this Christmas day, not everybody can enjoy presents and fun. Some people, such as me, instead must lie in pain, or hunger, or just plain poverty. So I took a moment to reflect on that between agonized moans.

But mostly we carried on our nice Christmas celebration together, our first ever with just the two of us and the cats. It was really quiet and nice, especially since I didn't have to do any of the cooking or cleaning as I lay on the couch. We had monkey bread for breakfast, opened lots of cool presents (including one of those TV Games things, so we can play Ms. Pac Man, Pole Position, and most importantly Mappy on the TV with great ease!), and settled in to watch holiday movies. We saw Bad Santa, The Hebrew Hammer, and Elf (actually not all on Christmas day, but thereabouts).

That's my Christmas tale! I'll pop back in in a day or two to share the near-future Hamumu plans, now that the Supreme patch is finally done.
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