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  It's not a LOT like work, but... 06:05 PM -- Fri March 14, 2008  

Fridays are called Design Day at Hamumu lately, which means I get to play! Not actually play, but play around with ideas. Discussions in chat lately got me playing Moon Invaders (You should too, it's so fun, and you know I don't normally toot any horns). I was thinking I wanted to make Moon Invaders 2, so I thought I'd share with you the idea I just wrote up for that. It's kind of instructive also in that you can see how I write up ideas in rough form. Not a lot of numbers to be had, because those will always come out in testing - not much point deciding on them now! It's more about how it will feel and what options the player will have. So with no more such ado, here is the design document I wrote today:


Oh no, now that the invaders have landed, they are heading into your secret caverns beneath the moon's surface where your moon people actually live!

This is still a tower defense game, but now it's a side scroller.  You are the enemies in a side-scrolling shooter.  The enemies actually maneuver and shoot.  There's an element of attrition, because of that.  Turrets take enormous abuse before dying, though.

You get to build your things on the top or bottom wall, which affects their usefulness, and badguys will try to avoid them, or maybe attack them.

Upgrades: rate, life, life of ships, damage
	Launches little suicidal fighters that dive into the enemies.  They can be shot.

Upgrades: rate, life, ship life, damage
	Launches big attack ships that fly up and down shooting at enemies.  They gradually head towards the level start, so they can only do so much damage.  They pass right through enemies themselves, only dangerous by their bullets.

Upgrades: rate, damage, life, radius
	Fires homing missiles at a low rate.  They do big damage over a radius.

Upgrades: rate, damage, life
	Fires very rapidly and not too accurately.

Upgrades: slowdown, pull, width, life
	Fires a beam that slows any enemy caught in it, and drags them toward the tractor beam.  It won't drag them closer than super close, no crashing.  The slowdown effect can reach 100% with max points (or with two or more tractor beams working together), but it is capped at 90%, and for each extra enemy in the field after the first, the effect is weakened on all of them by 5% (still, you can get 90% on many of them at once by having an overabundance of beam to start with).

Upgrades: rate, limit, life
	Fires a death orb that can't miss and instantly kills the target.  Unfortunately, it will only fire at targets that are below 5% health.  Upgrading Limit raises how healthy the target can be.  It can also of course only fire so often, hence the Rate upgrade.

Upgrades: effect, rate, targets, duration, life
	Fires an electrical beam at 1 or more targets, shocking them so they take more damage from all other attacks.  Effect upgrades boost how much extra damage they take.


Shields – All buildings have shields, which take damage before their life does.  The shields replenish over time, rapidly.

Repair bots – All buildings repair slowly over time.

Triple Shot – Attack ships fire in a triple shot formation.

Shrapnel – When a Crusher explodes, it fires out shrapnel in 8 directions, each doing 1/8 the damage that the crusher did (so raising Limit will boost this damage, as will the enemies simply being tougher).

Overload – Shock guns overload the weapon systems on the affected ships, cutting their fire rate in half.

Piercing Shots – Gun Turret shots pass through enemies to hit more.

Knockback – Missiles and kamikazes push the enemies back when they hit.

Shield Drain – Tractor Beams vaporize any shields the affected victim may have.


Weenies – regular guys who shoot straight ahead.  They won't attack turrets, but try to line up to shoot your ships.

Bombers – Bigger, tougher, slower guys who fire diagonally up and down.  Their shots will of course hit turrets a lot.  They don't maneuver at all, just head in a line.

Boss – Super big, super slow, super tough, equipped with shields that replenish over time.  Fires a big spread shot that tends to annihilate your fighters and hurt your turrets a lot.  Also has a turret that fires directly at the nearest target of any type.

Missile – Doesn't attack at all, just rushes in very fast, with very little life.

Evil Missile – A red missile, just like the regular missile, but even less life – why evil?  Because it tries to divebomb your turrets (suicidal) for huge damage.  You definitely want to stop these.

Cruisers – Has a turret that aims at your nearest target, and shields.  Tougher than Weenies, weaker than Bombers (except for those darn shields).

Waves consist of an arrangement of all the enemy types (usually not all, of course).

So what do you think of that? Don't expect it to get made or anything. It's just another on the immense pile of ideas.
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