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  The Amazing Testing Cooperative 06:46 PM -- Sat October 20, 2012  

The tagline for Dropbox is "Simplify Your Life", and that is exactly what I intend to use it for. For quite a while, I have failed to test addons, and that's not cool to you guys. But now, once I finally got the technology set up to make it possible to do again (for a very long time, I actually couldn't do it, because I had lost a bunch of key files between computer moves), I've discovered that it's one more of the many things getting in the way of me actually making games! I'm trying to do all I can to focus entirely on making games to combat extreme burnout syndrome, so this is one key step.

So that's where I turn to you, the potential future members of The Amazing Testing Cooperative! I've created a Dropbox folder (it's free to join and really really useful!) where I put the Supreme (and LL2) addons that are sent to me, and I leave it entirely in your hands. Anybody who wants to join the Testing Cooperative just send me an email with your Dropbox email address, and I'll share the folder with you.

Now you guys can organize the operation however you want, but the gist is, the addons will be in there, and somebody from the co-op just has to let me know when one is considered A-OK, and I will package it up, mark it official, and post it. The procedures you have for deciding that and notifying me are in your hands, I'll trust you on it.

You'll also be able to upload things to the folder yourself, so you can use that to share notes, or upload fixed versions, or however you want to work it. Power to the people.

Hopefully there's enough interest in doing this that worlds can keep getting added officially, and we don't have to resort to just simple forum sharing!

There's a forum thread here where you can discuss this and work out the details.

P.S. if you want to do this and you don't already have a Dropbox account, don't just make one! Email me, and I can send you an email to sign up with. I get 500MB more space in my account for each person who does this, and thus, more room for addons! I'd appreciate the boost!
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