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  Big Cat In My Lap 04:59 AM -- Sun February 12, 2012  

That's my current status, and also the most interesting thing I can think to tell you. Saturday is of course a day off, and today was spent in maximum chillax mode. I mean way maximum. The TV has not stopped going through various shows on Netflix all day, while I have been in WoW and Batman and eating eating eating. It's very decadent and a little sickening, but we do like to do it once a week. So no, nothing good to tell you. But tomorrow is a work day! I definitely wouldn't have blogged today if people weren't holding me at proverbial gunpoint. Terrible terrible people.

You know, normally I have thoughts I have been thinking and thought I might share, but no thoughts today. Just a kind of boring, relaxed, malaise. I wanted a second paragraph that would turn this nothingness into something profound and wonderful, but I cannot do it. You get nothing, true and pure nothing, the Platonic ideal of nothingness, empty vacuum.

How about a challenge? Why don't you share your big interesting thought in the comments? What philosophy has been running through your mind? Does the refrigerator light really go out when you shut the door? If you prick me, do I not make a sound in the woods? It's clear I'm not thinking, so you should be.
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