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  Tweaky Bits 02:56 AM -- Thu February 23, 2012  

It's the little things! Not that I worked all day today, but during the portion of the day that I did work on Scout Camp, I was hacking away at assorted little bits. I added cacti and rocks that can make places unusable for building towers, I implemented slowing shots, and I added the ability to control the speed of the game. Well, you can do that by holding a key, I haven't made the UI for it. I thought I had done more than that, but I guess I just spent a while trapped in the world of minor bug fixes! Which is where about 2/3 of development time is always spent. Oh, I also built what is presumably the official map for the first level, a super simple straight line.

And if that's not exciting enough for you, I can also tell you that Gobbluth, my Goblin Warlock, is now my 6th level 85 character! He was the last of the ones that were really close, but there's an 82 and 81 I could be working on if I felt like it. I'm more interested in some of my lesser guys really. Always a good time, though.

So that's all the info you get from me today. My mind is floating away to other places!
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