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  And real work too! 01:38 AM -- Mon February 27, 2012  

Today I really focused on getting the game balance up and working for the first level, and fixing up other minor things. But there's a bunch of stuff you haven't seen in this picture, eh? The cursor is on the game speed slider, where you can speed things up when you get bored.

This is the official first level, and it's good now. Nice and easy, but you do have to actually spend the money you get to win it (well, some of it anyway). I need to start getting into the 'serious' levels, so I can see how balance is when I'm not trying to make it super easy.

In addition to that, for those who missed it, I've made four games for you to enjoy! I'm actually proud of how two of them turned out, and it's not the two you might think (hint: what I'm proud of is the game balance and reasonable tuning of challenge and high score opportunities, not the polish or anything like that). Someday soon I'll get around to hosting them properly up on this site, maybe in a new "Stupid Games" section or something, but here they are:

- Prickly Party - It's Prickly Porcupine's birthday party, so celebrate in style, but don't sink into the depths of despair!

- Best Game Ever 2012 - The name really says it all, but this was inspired by Bowserfan saying he thought I should make a game featuring an actual "pirate kart".

- EAT FOOD super deluxe - Another one with a carefully honed name. You may find extra challenge in this game that wasn't really meant to be there, but it's part of the fun. Which object is flashing isn't random, and you can win via skill.

- Mega Giraffe Rampage 5000 - Is Terry a giraffe or a weed whacker? Why can't he be both!?
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