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  Ludum Dare'd 12:23 AM -- Sun August 26, 2012  

Hey, I WAS going to blog yesterday to let you all know (if you didn't already) that Ludum Dare 24 started yesterday! Why would I fall down on such an important duty? Because instead I spent the entire day without internet. That was a nightmare beyond all measure. It meant I didn't even know the theme until I cleverly texted my wife later on and asked her to look it up on her iPhone. And that theme is...

Yes, after dozens of second place finishes, Evolution is in at long last! Hope you participate in this legendary LD. I'm actually missing out, hammering on Dredd Speed instead. Got a ton done on it, now every single one of the ridiculous number of weapons, jetpacks, and helmets is implemented (possibly super buggy, but they worked in the ten seconds I tested them!). Now all I need is some gameplay!

But first, I'm gonna go check on my Diablo auctions.
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