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  Sol Update 01:13 PM -- Tue February 15, 2005  

It's slow slogging getting the first bits going. But yesterday for the first time I popped onto two separate computers and had a chat with myself over the internet! That is such a fundamental step, it's huge. The downside is that I'm now in the process of completely rewriting it all. It wasn't right and needs to be redone to be expandable beyond that. But it's a good start! I'm super excited about the internet play prospect. Really, the trickiest part is making it work in both single and multiplayer without totally separate code. I have some methods going that should work, but yesterday there was a moment when I was thinking about dropping the single player, or make it actually use the internet to connect to itself on your own computer... yeah, I might have been getting a little goofy.

*smoothly changing topics* I really like the middle of the night. Unfortunately, I get super sleepy at around 9pm, so I'm not very familiar with the middle of the night. But when I have seen it, I really enjoy it. It's just so quiet, peaceful, and well, dark. It's just got an empty, open feeling, and if I'm actually up and moving during it, I always feel wide open to big ideas, like I'm on the brink of discovering something wondrous. Too bad I never do. Other programmer types also like the dark, but in a very different way that I've never understood. I'm solar powered, I need warmth and light to feel happy (unless it's the middle of the night, mind you). But lots of programmers seal themselves in with black tape on the windows and stuff like that. I hate that, not just because I don't want to be in the dark, but because frankly, it's blinding to stare into a monitor when the room is dark! I'd rather get glare on my screen than burn out my eyes. Programmers are weird. I'm a game developer, whole different thing. I only program because I have to. And some of the stuff is pretty fun. I don't even drink caffeine (hence the early bedtime!).
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