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  Sneak Peek: Super Happy Go Go Ninja Time 06:51 PM -- Wed July 6, 2005  

The level editor is now nearly complete. Only the fancy hard bits remain, like a file menu, and a "Are You Sure?" for exiting (I just hate writing those!). In this shot you can also see the symbols for the four teams - everybody in this shot belongs to Team Evil (computer controlled team that is opposed to all other teams), except those 4 lanterns with symbols above them. Each of them belongs to one of the player teams. The editor should be quite easy to use. The only cryptic thing in this shot is the "S>" on the screen. That's a Start Point, which is where players come into the game. You don't put players into the level yourself. Anybody you put into a level is computer controlled. Players get added when the level begins, at Start Points, and if you're in a multiplayer mode where guys can respawn, they'll respawn at Start Points (randomly choosing any of the ones belonging to their team). In certain modes, even Team Evil uses Start Points. I should probably add some nice little icon for the start point instead of having it use plain text.
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