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  Nature Pix IV: The Naturing 09:00 PM -- Mon August 15, 2005  

I went for a walk the other day and encountered two new sights. First, this is Reptilius Guccius, the fancy designer lizard - black with red racing stripes. There were two of them on the rock, but one was braver than the other. Still, you can't tell too much, since I couldn't get very close before he zipped off, but he's got red markings around his head and neck:

And this is a pair of some kind of little birds (Avius Whatever), but I caught them in an action shot! They were really not scared of me. I don't know if it's a mating dance or a fight, but they were jumping all over the place kinda pecking at each other:

And lastly, we have Felis Bovinus, a strange crossbreed between a dairy cow and a house cat (closer in size to the cow at 21 pounds). We call him Huzzah. All our cats love to flop over for tummy rubs, usually anytime we get anywhere near them, but Huzzah is the king. He's hard to find right side up at all:

And this is just a funny picture of him yawning:

So that concludes the interior portion of Nature Pix, leaving us only with outdoor things. Or at least I hope so, unless something horrible sneaks in again, like the centipede.
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