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  Long time, no update 07:37 PM -- Mon August 29, 2005  

It's been a while! What's news... I have come in very very low in the rankings on the latest Game Design Showdown at the boardgame site I visit. I knew I wouldn't do well with the game design I entered, but I still think it would make a fun game if it were fully developed!

Ninja news: not a lot. I've mostly made up the screen that lets you know about your goals before you begin a level. I've also got a good start on the Timeline screen, that shows all the available Eras and lets you pick which one to play. I also did some fixing up of little stuff in the game. Did you know there are poles to swing on? Those aren't in Ninja Academy, and they're kind of nifty.

Today I made the enhanced version of the last Monthly Merge, which won't be available until guessing time has closed, of course. It's pretty cool - there's a final level where you have to punch in all of your mystery guesses in order to earn the Loonykey. Unfortunately, it gives you NO feedback to let you know which ones you don't have right, so you just have to get them all right! I guess I'll also post up all the solutions and explanations at that time too. It'd just be cruel otherwise. This was my favorite merge, loads of fun and surprises.

The next Merge is all ready to go when the time comes too, and we'll start the name-dropping for HH6 at the same time. I guess 2 weeks to drop names, 1 week to vote, and then a little over 1 month to build. There won't be a Monthly Merge in October because of Halloween Horror.

Nothing else, I think... have a lovely evening, while I go review some games!
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