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  Kung Fu Hustle Up! 06:24 PM -- Wed September 14, 2005  

Hey gang, listen up! You have until tomorrow to suggest Halloween Horror names (as if the 65,000 names up there weren't enough...), and to finish your level for this month's Monthly Merge. Hop to it!!!

Me, I've been working hard on the 2 secret projects that you know nothing about! Ha! Tomorrow is designated as a Ninja work day, although I will also spend a good junk of time on the Merge and Horror stuff too. Busy busy. Oh, and I have to haul trash to the dump. Yay!

Most interesting thing I can tell you today is that we saw Kung Fu Hustle the other day, and it's really good. It's not as good as Shaolin Soccer, which is a definite favorite of mine, but it's still a lot of fun.

Speaking of Hong Kong movies, in the introduction to the Iron Monkey DVD, Quentin Tarantino says something about how Hong Kong movies have everything - they're not a romance movie, or a comedy, or a thriller. They pack in all that stuff into each movie. He said something about how peasants would go see them, and they were really poor and had no other entertainment, so they had to get everything out of one movie. I don't know about that theory, seems kind of dumb to me. If I could only see one movie a year, or every 5 years, I would probably just pick a really good comedy, because I like comedy. What I'm trying to say is it's not like vitamins and minerals - you don't have an FDA daily requirement of witnessing each emotion. If the only movies you ever see are romances, are you really missing something? You can get drama, action, horror, and comedy in your daily life. Movies aren't your only way to experience feelings.

Anyway, that was actually an aside, because what I wanted to say was that Buffy, which we have been plowing through another season box set of, is just like those Hong Kong movies (so are Angel and Firefly - the entire Joss oeuvre). It has elements of every genre in every episode, and it jumps all over the place through them, yet ties them together incredibly well. It's the best thing about those shows. They meet your FDA requirement of every single emotion!

Wait, didn't I just say that didn't matter? Whatever. It's good TV.
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