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  Twos 06:31 PM -- Wed September 21, 2005  

Two days of using the schedule, and it's still great fun (today was a blast!).

Two food discussion items: first, in searching for something to make, we came across a recipe for Vegetable Chowder ("Chowdah! Say it! Chowdah!!") which is just awesomely good! And it was really easy. It was also good to actually be cooking something for the first time in 11 decades or whatever it's been. Second thing is that we have been dieting here at the HQ. Not seriously, because we don't really need that, but we've just been eating too much. So here's the easiest way to diet (I think), it works great for us: all you do is write down everything you eat in a little journal, along with how many calories it is. At the end of the day, you total it. What you do with that info is up to you, but that's the whole diet! It helps if you go online and look up your basal metabolic rate (Here's a calculator), so you have something to shoot for. Your basal rate is what you burn if you spend all day in bed, so if you eat that much, then any movement you actually do end up making by some chance is burning the fat away. I guess you could call it the shame diet, because it works entirely on the concept that you'll stop pigging out when confronted with just how much you are eating. Would work even better if you had to post your calories publicly! But then you'd probably starve yourself and die.

Two nature notes, in wacky bunny story form: First, I went by the window one day and saw a bunny sitting out there on the ground, just chewing away. Then I noticed what he was chewing on - it was a huge piece of plant, about 2 feet long, just laid out across the ground. I sat and watched for over a minute, because the bunny just sat there, his jaw constantly churning, as the plant gradually inched into his mouth. It was so funny to see, like he was very slowly slurping up a spaghetti noodle. The thing was bigger than he was! The other wacky bunny story doesn't really work as a story, but it was cool to see. One bunny was chasing another, rather viciously, and every time he caught up with it, the chased bunny would turn and hop right over the chaser, and lead him in the other direction. They did this back and forth a bunch of times before they vanished behind the trees. I think bunnies amuse me.

Two secret projects. Yesterday I worked on one, and today I worked on the other. Both of them are going great, and are a lot of fun to work on. That's putting them above the Ninja game, for sure, which is being very cantankerous. I ended my day monday with the Ninja game in a state where it crashes every time you start it up. I spent half the day digging at that bug, and it's still not fixed, so that'll be fun to go back to tomorrow!

Oh hey, the family of quail are out in front of our house munching up all our birdseed right now! The babies have grown up, but they're still smaller than the big ones. And they all still travel in a big pack, which is funny to see, because they run like... I don't know what, cartoons I guess.

Well, tomorrow's the ninja game according the Mr. Schedule, so that bug better get packing. Oh, and speaking of twos, you have until two-morrow to vote on Halloween Horror, and then the building can commence!
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