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  Be Still My Heart! 10:46 PM -- Sat September 25, 2010  

Got an iPhone or an iPod Touch? Like tapping on it? Then you will love Still Pond for iPhone! It's free, which is a great price, and it's fun, which is a great thing for a game to be. It has some differences from the PC, with some unique bonus modes and tweaked gameplay (so you don't break your phone trying to click on burritos). Check it out!

Still Pond was ported to iPhone by Tapnik.
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  Robot Wants Ice Cream! 07:12 PM -- Fri September 24, 2010  

Play Robot Wants Ice Cream RIGHT NOW!!!

With that out of the way, let me also add that you should go on Kongregate and rate it 5 stars so I win vast riches: Click here you know you want to just do it go for it now

And with that out of the way, ahhhhhh. A game is released. It's so nice to have another one out of the way. I probably should update the History page sometime to mention these things. Crazy time of year this is. I made a list a couple days ago of projects I was actively working on, and there were 5. Then I got another one to do for the Boy Scouts again shortly after that, so it became 6. Good news is it's back down to 5 as of right now!

Sadly, that 6 doesn't include anything special for Halloween. Actually, I had it as 7, with "Surprise Halloween game - witch platformer? Card-based D&D thing?" but that string of letters is the extent I've worked on it, so my 5 legit projects are going to take precedence. I am absolutely swamped at this point, so what I think I will do is just re-activate the old Great Pumpkin's Field once again for this year, if it still works. As I recall, it was pretty buggy and weird, but it was fun to play! So that'll be fun. I really don't have time to burn on anything new, I'm afraid. We'll see what other tiny surprises can be creeped in there a little bit. Everybody knows Halloween is the Hamumu Holiday!
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  Breaking Radio Silence 11:22 PM -- Wed September 22, 2010  

I was informed today by somebody that they were a big fan, and read my journal every day. I felt really bad that they kept reading the exact same words over and over, so I figured I'd post something new to mix it up a little.

It has been quite some time since I blogged anything! I have been busy working, haven't really had anything shareable. I'm working on a ton of projects at once right now. Not much I can say about most of them at this point. I can tell you Robot Wants Ice Cream is completely done and shipped. I'm just waiting for the sponsor to post it so I can post it too! It's a fun one for sure.

October is fast approaching, folks... the question is, are we too busy to celebrate!?
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  Hey, remember Like? 05:52 PM -- Wed September 8, 2010  

Man, for all you people who used to really enjoy Like and his catchphrases and whatnot back in the 70's, I've added a t-shirt to our Cafepress store in honor of him (two versions!):

I think you'll like them! See, that's the kind of clever humor we all remember. Well, not all of us. Whatever happened to Like anyway? Seems like nobody even remembers he existed.

In Hamumu news, Robot Wants Ice Cream is done except for the music, and I think we will have a release within 2 weeks or so if all goes well. After that I'm working on a game based on, but more interesting than, Two Roads, which was commissioned specifically by a fellow indie. Should be an interesting bit of collaboration!
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