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  Aloha! 08:24 PM -- Mon March 26, 2012  

I'm back. I think I've made the final version of the Scout Camp game too, just gonna do a few little tests on it and then it should be done. Then I'm going to get started on a related game that should make a lot of people very happy, but caveat: most people who read actually this blog won't care a bit. And of course, if there's anything I've learned from reading WoW forums it's that the majority of people will be outright angry over anything you do in any direction. But that's the majority of peoples' problems, because you're not the boss of me (you're not the boss of me now, and you're not so big), and I can make the game I want to make!

It's gonna be legen... wait for it...
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  Aloha, or Can You Guess The Title Of My Next Post? 07:35 PM -- Thu March 15, 2012  

Away with me! I am taking a week in Hawaii with the whole family everybody! I'll still check in with email and forums, but probably not terribly much. I even got a haircut today, so you know it's serious.

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  Bait A Test 07:26 PM -- Wed March 7, 2012  

Hey, this game is nowhere near done, but because it's all about balancing out the numbers, I think it's time I got some peoples' eyes on it so we can see how it plays out. I've left the testers from the last game signed up. If you're not one of them, drop me an email to sign up if you like TD games! If you don't like TD games, you won't like this. But if you do, I daresay this is a very fun tower defense. I keep finding myself playing for literally hours when I go to test something out. That could just be my obsession with leveling up though.
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  More Variety! 06:06 PM -- Sun March 4, 2012  

Here's some more stuff! I actually spent most of my time today making all the skill icons and filling out the skill trees. Most of the skills don't do anything yet, but they have descriptions and icons at least. But on top of that, I added two more towers. Just four to go! We're in crunch time, folks.
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  Variety Pack 06:45 PM -- Fri March 2, 2012  

Look, it's an assortment of new tower types! They do assorted things. Can't believe how many tower types there are to go, I think I went overboard with that (the 4 base types each can convert into 2 special types, so 12 total).
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