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  Hamumu! Develog!!! #3 05:52 PM -- Mon July 30, 2012  

A couple days later yet! Soon I'll wrap around and be releasing these so late that the next one precedes the previous. Maybe not.
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  Hamumu! Develog!!! #2 11:33 AM -- Sat July 21, 2012  

I'm only a day late! Pretty sneaky, sis. Check out the progress on Dredd Speed and the part you couldn't see before of NPC Quest.
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  Hamumu! Develog!!! #1 07:23 PM -- Fri July 13, 2012  

Hey! I am sharing my work in progress via video. Give it a watcherino.
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  Pedro Kicks Back! 06:06 PM -- Mon July 9, 2012  

Oh, by the way, speaking of Boys' Life games... I never mentioned that Pedro Kicks Back has been up and playable for a few weeks! It's a fun game, a side-scrolling platform brawler with a very extensive skill system. Go play!
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  A Dumb Update 05:49 PM -- Mon July 9, 2012  

I would have a tremendously exciting screenshot right here, but I recently began implementing the random dungeon generator for NPC Quest 2, and so as you should expect, the game currently freezes up in some infinite loop in the generation. Unfortunately, I have to switch projects for this week to make progress on other things that need to get done, so it's gonna sit like that for a week while you fail to see any screenshots from it since I can't take any.

Here's what you are missing: the hero now wanders around the dungeon, seeking out enemies and attacking them (they in turn seek him out and attack), and everybody takes damage as they should, with really nifty pop-up numbers that you'll just have to imagine (really, they do pop up in a fun way, I swear), and a nice life meter, XP meter, and most wondrous of all, fog-of-war hiding the world from you until you explore it. That's the kind of fabulous cutting edge game development you can expect from Hamumu. Both Flee and Fight modes work, too, so it's practically ready to ship, right?

In other news, what I'm doing this week (and maybe every other week for a couple months) is another game for Boys' Life website, a nifty little space shooter with a tiny hint of Spaceboy for people who have good taste and long memories (that hint is the ability to craft weapons from the junk dropped by enemies). Gotta pay them bills! I'll share screens of that as well, and I think I also have an interesting (non-game) surprise somewhere in my sleevular vicinity...
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