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  Hulk Smash! 03:42 AM -- Thu November 8, 2012  

Buildo contains all your wildest dreams! (Yeah, I know his arm is on backwards)
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  Hamumu Halloween Home Horror Hoedown #29 - The Wrap Up! 09:53 PM -- Wed November 7, 2012  

Well, it's a week into November, so I thought I'd throw the last 3 movies together and get it done! I was thrown by the fact that I had already recorded a review for Exorcismus, but not The Devil's Rock, yet I had recorded clips of The Devil's Rock, but not Exorcismus. The disorder of it was too much for my brain, so I started over with this.

It's been quite a month of movie watching. Making the reviews was quite a bit of work, but what I was surprised by was that watching the movies started to feel like work! I didn't want to throw away 2 hours of my night every night, I always had other things I wanted to do. Luckily, we went out on a high note with 3 solid movies, and the final one makes it all worthwhile.

P.S. Visit Indie Buskers to pick up 7 really weird and wacky games for whatever amount you want to pay! Mine's an online multiplayer CTF game with stealth. And lava and flappy arms.
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  Hamumu Halloween Home Horror Hoedown #28 - Trapped Ashes 06:28 PM -- Tue November 6, 2012  

Fun and cheese. Those are the key words you will hear many times in the video above.
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  Hamumu Halloween Home Horror Hoedown #27 - Children of the Corn 07:31 PM -- Mon November 5, 2012  

Creepy kids and high fructose corn syrup, the classic American combination. Fun fact: When Youtube presents me with three choices of stills to show for the video, I try to find the one that makes me look the most stupid. Always a tough choice!
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  Hamumu Halloween Home Horror Hoedown #26 - The House Of The Devil 05:54 PM -- Mon November 5, 2012  

The 80's are back, and they are trying to kill you! But not with pixie stix and pet rocks. Oh by the way, don't forget there's a number for pizza on the fridge!
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  Hamumu Halloween Home Horror Hoedown #25 - The Mothman Prophecies 04:53 PM -- Mon November 5, 2012  

Sadly, not based on The Tick, it's a Richard Gere big-budget mystery/horror thingorama!
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  Sneaky Brats Is Done! 05:14 PM -- Sun November 4, 2012  

Hey, go visit Indiebuskers.net and get involved in Sneaky Brats! As an online game it doesn't exactly do much unless you can get a bunch of people on at the same time, but gather your buddies in the Hamumu chat and arrange it!

If you're wondering what it is, it's an online Capture-The-Flag game for up to 32 players. Each player can equip 2 of the 3 Imagination Powers: You Can't See Me, The Floor Is Lava, and Flappy Arms. Using these sneaky abilities, grab their flag and get away!

One thing not too obvious is how tagging works: If you're on your side of the field, you tag opponents (otherwise they tag you!). If you have the flag, you can't tag anyone.
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  Hamumu Halloween Home Horror Hoedown #24 - Fragile 02:30 PM -- Sat November 3, 2012  

I'm busy busking, but I had this one already edited. Everything's filmed for all 31 episodes, I just need to get them edited and out to you! FRAJEELAY.
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  Indie Busking Now! 04:45 PM -- Fri November 2, 2012  

I am indie busking my game right now, for the next 48 hours or so! Come check it out at Indiebuskers.net! You can watch me do my work live at Twitch.tv/hamumu. And you can chat with me on IRC while I do it! Don't try to chat on the livestream, I am only watching the IRC.

I am developing the idea proposed by Matzerath, "Stealth game where you can cover your eyes to become invisible".
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