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  Robot Wants YOU! 09:07 PM -- Thu April 4, 2019  

Robot is out! Go get him NOW NOW NOW! THIS IS NOT A WARNING!

We have two versions: Buy it on Steam for online leaderboards (friends-only), or buy it on Itch.io for DRM-free with local leaderboards (on your own computer only). The Steam version includes Steam achievements and cloud saves, but of course the non-Steam version has the same achievements built in. No cloud saves, though. It's really a matter of what platform you like your games on!

Either way, the gameplay is identical, and you'll have access to both Linux and Windows versions of the game. Reports from testers indicate you can get the Linux build to work on a Mac if you have some tech skills (use Wine or similar software).

I'm so excited to finally have concluded this much-much-longer-than-I-thought-it-would-be chapter of my life. This game is awesome, you will like it. There's a ton of great stuff inside. So go help Robot get things, and I'll go take a nap.
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