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  Update 10:07 PM -- Thu March 3, 2005  

Here's the Sol Hunt progress: Very very bad. I'm pounding my head against the wall constantly trying to piece together this network stuff. Currently what works is that you can move your purple square (with your name under it!) around the screen... in single player mode. Multiplayer is currently dead, though I think it's not far from working. I reached the point last night where I finally declared that I would devote only 2 hours a day to serious work on Sol Hunt and not a moment longer. Why is that more productive? Becuase as it stood, I spent the entire day studiously avoiding working on it, and studiously feeling guilty and frustrated that I was making no progress. So now I only have to dedicate myself to it for a little while, and it's not hard to do that. Hopefully the rest of the day, I can relax. It's not really working too well, but I was more productive today for 2 hours than the entire past week!

I am certainly hoping that this is just a hump I have to get over. I think it is. One would imagine that once I have a basic networked blip moving around I may be able to begin making an actual game around it. I don't know. It's just very overwhelming.

So with so little time being spent on the proper project, what to do? I have some alternate easy projects I could be bumbling on, but I think the priority right now is working out the CD situation. I think I may have found a solution to keep the discs almost as fancy (just no manual) and almost as cheap. We shall see! Just feeling very drained these days.
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