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  In The Biz 02:07 AM -- Tue March 8, 2005  

So I spent all day today working on the new ordering page! That is so not exciting for you! As part of all this simplifying of my life (like dropping out of CD making), I'm switching to a payment processor that does all the work for you (which is what I used to have a couple years ago before I went to a merchant account). That means giving up a lot of the profit, but while I was kind of shaky on whether it was really worth doing initially, as I set about setting up all the little parts I actually saw more and more reasons why it was a good idea. Not that I can name any particularly, but it's just going to completely erase all the recordkeeping tasks I had to do, not to mention handle paying affiliates and contractors automatically. I'm very quickly running out of things other than game development to do! That's good. Oh, and the new ordering page isn't up yet, so no need to look for it (plus it's not going to look much different!).

I know I haven't done the monthly newsletter yet, but I'd like to get out the three (or 4?) add-ons WTG has sent to me, and hopefully the new Supreme patch first, so the newsletter sounds more exciting.

Hey, I don't know if this has been announced yet, but at the very end of this month, we are off to Baja California for a bonafide vacation! About a week. Everything will still run peachy, especially if I manage to offload the CDs before then - if that happens, it'll all run completely without me! But our hotel will have wireless access anyway, so I'll be online all the time as usual for tech support or whatever.

This life-simplifying stuff runs deeper than just freeing me up to focus on the core of my business. We're also trying to simplify our real lives. Getting rid of lots of stuff we never use and general clutter. We've cleaned out a few rooms and it's amazing how much stuff you don't need. That's why I am amused by the whole Total Mayhem situation happening now. It's good to just let things go - nobody's ever going to go back and read those old Total Mayhem posts (and why would they?!). The beauty of mayhem is that it never ends, there's always more. We can start fresh and continue to rampage madly. I threw out lots of magazines with notably useful information as opposed to mindless spam, just because I knew that, useful or not, I wasn't going to go digging through them if I ever did think of a question and actually somehow realized the answer lurked in the magazine heap somewhere. I'm a bit of a natural packrat, so simplifying is both a difficult job and yet very liberating. It helps that I also have a highly organized side which can appreciate the beauty of empty spaces.
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