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  2 Hours Is All It Takes 02:19 AM -- Thu March 17, 2005  

I did it! I worked on Sol Hunt! For a little over 2 hours. What I ended up with was a little shooter game where the players, as purple cubes, shoot yellow dots at each other trying to kill each other. All online! So it works. It's nice. I think I'll post up a little test game on the forum and we can all shoot at each other, maybe this weekend, once I've gotten it a little tighter (right now, when you get killed you have to exit the game and re-enter it!) and added scoring and some obstacles to hide behind or something. We'll see though, because I really should be working on different aspects, like the tilemap (right now you play on a completely black screen).

I also read Following Through, stem to stern, all yesterday.

I did so to avoid doing work.
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