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  Manic Monday 11:30 PM -- Mon March 21, 2005  

Wow, trying to plow through bills and get ready for taxes! It's a monday! Released 5 new Supreme add-ons too. Yesterday was very productive - we planted our garden, built a grape arbor, planted a grape tree (we already had one, but we wanted to give it a friend on the other side of the arbor), planted flowers in our previously barren front walk, got me a haircut, watched a movie, and assorted household chores. Beat that!

The Sol Hunt Super Alpha Sillyfest went well! Still I know nothing about the mysterious "stuck in a wall" bug, and several of the people playing experienced horrendous lag, but then again, I was hosting the game on my wireless laptop. I would hope it would improve running on a real server. But still, we only had about 9 players at the maximum (and that only briefly, sadly), so I'm disappointed to see it break down so quickly. Still, it was absolutely smooth as silk from my end, and never had any problems outside of the wall bug. It was awesome! Lots of fun mayhem. Makes me think I really do have a chance of creating an online game.

Now I'm kind of stuck again - where to go next? I think it's time to get to work on the editor. I have some good ideas for the tile system and stuff that should make it more flexible than Dr. Lunatic. I also have this interesting idea for the scripting system (for monsters, and "specials", and even tile effects). If you've ever played Carnage Heart, you know what the idea is! I think it will be fun and something that anybody can do.
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