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  HaX0rZ 11:54 PM -- Wed March 23, 2005  

Yeah, so our website got hacked last week. Just a warning to people who run a website: if you're using AWStats, upgrade to the latest version ASAP! It had a big security hole. The hackers didn't do anything to the site, they just used it to spam all of Brazil with a whole lot of garbage (viruses, I believe). The extremely helpful guys at ServInt (my hosts) helped me clean it all up, and I didn't lose a single thing! Except of course my patience waiting for TEN THOUSAND bounce emails to arrive yesterday morning alone. People are sure lame.

Today I put up the warning about CDs not getting shipped until April 5th (you can't see it, it just pops up if you try to order a CD). If you do not know, we will be taking a trip to La Paz, Mexico on Sunday and staying there until April 4th. Why did I cut off the CD shipping so soon? Tons of stuff to do with family and Easter and getting ready for the trip, and because I'm trying to move to the new CD shipping system, but this trip is getting in the way! So I have very few CDs on hand. It's an awful feeling, but I actually keep hoping people don't order CDs from me right now. I love getting download orders, but I dread each CD order. Which isn't a good mindset for success. That will all be fixed when the new stuff is set up - then I will be super happy with CD orders, because I won't have to lift a finger at all!

Nothing's going to get done on Sol Hunt this week. In fact, tomorrow is my last day I can really do anything on anything. But here's a teaser... since I am only doing 2 hours of Sol Hunt a day, I need something else to fill my time. Feel free to speculate on just what else may be getting worked on! Not that I don't have enough non-development tasks, but I've got a block of time set aside that I've labeled "Alternagame" as in, an alternative game to Sol Hunt.

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