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  Website fun 03:13 PM -- Thu August 7, 2003  

So, it's been up for half a day now. There were a few scary moments, but things seem to be in the clear now. We've had several orders, which all worked out fine (a big fear of mine was whether the order system would really work... I wrote most of the code myself!), so it would seem we are in business! I'm glad to get this out of the way and cut down my number of full time jobs to two - Supreme and artwork for a friend's game.
I sent out the newsletters today, which is always nice. The monthly one was a little late (it's supposed to go out on the first, really), but I wanted to hold it off until the website was up. I just have to say... this is such a relief, to have this thing done and out there. And on top of that, we're now selling everything ourselves, shipping orders ourselves... it's a new era for Hamumu, where we're really taking charge of everything, and stuff is just only getting better! It's great!
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