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  Icy Mountain 05:02 PM -- Fri August 8, 2003  

I'm feeling quite clever right now, as I take a break from my Supreme work. I've been Supremizing the Icy Mountain. Supremizing means taking the original world and hacking it up to make it have the new stuff from Supreme where appropriate, and adding surprises and things - making it worth replaying in Supreme.

The reason I feel clever is what I've done with this thing. It'll be a fair amount of work, but the new Icy Mountain is a whole new ball of fun. The one thing you'll notice right off the bat is the hub - it's no longer a big flat cold-looking box. Now it's ... prepare yourself... an ICY MOUNTAIN! But it gets much more cool from there. I'll stop and avoid ruining the wondrous surprises that await. I think this one will be really cool, and catch people off-guard as they're working their way through the mountain. Should be good stuff.

I'm adding new junk to all the original worlds (well, that IS the point of supremizing), making sure to include things that are truly new to Supreme - each of them has at least one "racing" level, where you drive a track in your You-Go (a new vehicle in Supreme), each has at least one "stealth" level, where you have to avoid being seen by the evil Death Patrol (and sometimes Boomkins too), and each has something totally unique to it that simply couldn't be done before, ranging from the bonus hidden items to find in the Caves, to the huge monstrous twist that I'm being so sneaky about not mentioning in the Icy Mountain. When I added the "variables" feature to the editor, I didn't really think it would have a whole lot of use, but I've used it in every world so far, in great amounts. In fact, on a couple of occasions, I've almost thought there weren't enough variables available to work with! So, when you read the editor documentation (ugh, not looking forward to writing that), and see what variables are and think "What good is that?", just check out some of the original worlds in the editor (AFTER YOU WIN THEM!) and you'll see.
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