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  Soooo hot... 11:48 PM -- Sun August 10, 2003  

It's so hot. It really is. We avoid using our air conditioner as much as possible, for money reasons and just because we wanna feel like we're tough. But it's sooo hot. Tomorrow could be the breaking point for the A/C... we'll see!

I ordered a pile of video games today. We have an Amazon.Com Visa card, so every time we waste $2500 on things, we get a $25 gift certificate (I think we deserve more, personally). It's depressing just how often we earn one of those. But we do, and we got one today. And every time we get one, we use it up as fast as possible! So we each got a CD, and that used up the $25, but I also decided it was quite necessary to stock up on video games. So I got 3 of them (only one actually from amazon, I am a very serious bargain shopper - the rest were half.com, and the amazon one was from amazon just because people on half.com were charging ridiculous prices for it! SSX Tricky to be specific). I am NOT allowed to play them until Supreme is done. I'm not!
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