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  Success!? 06:13 PM -- Wed August 20, 2003  

Looks like the online high scores are working! Sort of. There are some issues I'll have to work out, but it's doing it... it sends them to the website, they show up on the website, you can look them up, up it's all lovely! I'm tempted to put a link so you can see it, but there's just too much dust on the construction site. I don't know if it might break stuff still, or blow up all of Lichtenstein when you mistype a player name. But it's a nice system - you can pick any world from a list box (which is a pretty darn long list box, which will only grow longer...) to see high scores and times for that world, or you can click Top Records to see a page I haven't implemented yet which will tell you who has the absolute highest score, who has the most #1 scores, who is on the scoreboard the most, who has the shortest cumulative time records (question is, since only the top 3 are stored, what do you count for someone who isn't in the top 3? I guess maybe double the 3rd place time or something?), and that sort of thing. There's also a box where you can type in a player name, and see all the scores that player has (since only the top 3 are kept, you're not gonna see that player's top 3 scores on every level, but rather a list of all the levels where that player has scored in the top 3, if you see the difference). Good stuff! I'm excited about it. There's even cute little icons to indicate which character the player used to earn the scores. It also stores what difficulty they were playing on, but so far I don't display that... there's not much need, since your difficulty setting actually modifies your score in a way that will hopefully make things fairish! And if they're not fair, well then use whichever difficulty the guy with the #1 score used, you have access to it too, you know.
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