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  Crunching 06:52 PM -- Fri August 22, 2003  

It's crunch time here at Hamumu. And I mean REALLY. It's not just me, who is crunching VERY hard on Supreme to have something fabulous ready by Sept 1st to enter the IGF, but also Sol Hunt, who has finally been given a classroom, just a few days before school starts. She's been scrambling to get it set up - and it's her first full-time classroom that's truly her own, and it's her first time teaching 4th grade, and it's a combo class with both 4th and 5th graders! Yesterday, she was doing things for it absolutely solid without a break for over 12 hours. Today's not looking too different as of now!

I don't crunch quite as hard she does, because I'm my boss. Right now I'm off to take a break and play some games. I need that to relax. I have been working nonstop since around 8:30 this morning, and I'll probably be back for more work tonight. But I can't keep that up all the time, it just burns me out. Today was extra tricky - I managed to let the Dr. Lunatic Bundle CDs to run out, and so I had to spend the morning making new ones - and fast, since somebody had already ordered one. So that really cut into my work time. And to make it more interesting, I used up the last of my blank CDs, and emptied my last ink cartridge! So I had to order new stuff, and I hope it arrives before I need to make any more CDs (well, I sorta hope not, since that would mean more sales... I'm torn).

But, all the work is worth it! The new stuff in Supreme is kickin' it old-school straight to the curb and back again with no shoes on. You can now not only upload your high scores, but your entire user profile as well. That means there will be a whole different set of records - for instance "Most chinese food eaten", and "Died the most times". It's gonna be fun. Now I just need to lay off the internet features and get back to supremizing the last remaining worlds.
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